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Free Bin

At Commercial Waste Collection we supply all of our clients with a free commercial wheelie bin in which to hygienically store the waste that their businesses produce.

The free commercial bins we offer are practical and very easy to use:

  • Highly mobile
  • Full enclose waste ensuring it is stored safely and hygienically
  • Can be locked to avoid waste spilling out if knocked over
  • Braking system

We can also offer businesses a range of bins in different sizes, suitable for safely containing the vast majority of the commercial waste that your business creates.

We can offer you:

Front end and Rear end Loaders

These larger containers are ideal for businesses who need to store greater volumes of  waste and come in a variety of different sizes.

Front loaders come in the following sizes:

6yd (4.6m)
8yd (6.1m)
10yr (7.6m)

Rear end loaders can be supplied in the following sizes:

8yd (6.1m)
10yr (7.6m)
12yd (9.2m)
14yd (10.7m)
16yd (12.03m)


For companies who need to be able to manage very large amounts of waste we can install compaction equipment on site.  This will reduce the number of collections such companies require us to undertake and, as such, help reduce the cost of their commercial waste collection services over the long-term.  The installation of compaction equipment can also help your business improve levels of hygiene and increase health and safety onsite.

Skip Hire

For businesses that require short term storage for the waste they are producing then we offer skip hire services at very competitive rates.  The skips we provide come in a range of sizes:

6yd (4.6m)
8yd (6.1m)
12yd (9.2m)

For more information about the commercial waste storage equipment that we provide to businesses just call our friendly and helpful customer care team on 0800 211 8390.